We see good design and graceful structure in even the most mundane objects.

Our designs feature items that you can’t find anywhere else. We call these pieces vintage originals: artwork and artifacts that we have adapted in order to create something totally unexpected.

Our inspiration comes from a diverse range of sources, from world travel to antique stores, thrift shops and salvage yards, and occasionally even the side of the road. And we show you how to feature these items in your living space.

What does this look like? We pair vintage artworks with fresh frames for a look that’s novel. We commission local artists to create original paintings, mixed-media pieces, and custom metal work. And we repurpose and upscale items that have outlasted their original use, giving them new life.

We’ve reimagined lumberyard aprons as pillows, transformed Champagne riddling racks into coffee tables, and turned hundreds of radio vacuum tubes into a statement piece that pulls a room together.

When juxtaposed with contemporary furniture, the result is a pleasing balance between old and new, industrial and handmade, and an aesthetic that is undeniably unique..


As designers, our favorite word is “no”.

That might sound surprising, but the reason is quite simple. If we ask, “Do you like roll-arm sofas?” during a consultation and your answer is “No,” that means we’re one step closer to homing in on a style that fully reflects your individual taste and personality. Each of our designs is centered around the three F’s:

  1. Focal points: the visual centerpieces of a room, things like a fireplace or a panoramic view.

  2. Function: based on an understanding of your lifestyle and how you use the spaces in your home.

  3. Fashion: the first two considerations guide the fashion of the room, influencing decisions as to what palette, materials, and furniture will work best and feel most cohesive.

While the fashion of a design flows in part from its focal points and function, it’s also heavily influenced by our clients themselves. Consider this: people visit your home because they like you and your personality. But if your home doesn’t represent who you are – even if it’s beautiful – visitors will be left feeling vaguely uncomfortable (and so will you).

We take cues from your clothing and personal style to identify what makes you feel most confident and at ease. By echoing these traits in the design of your home, we create a space that feels like a sanctuary and a true reflection of who you are.

Our goal is that when people visit your home, they’ll say “I love what you did with your house,” not “Who did you hire?”

We believe that the design process should be based on trust. We will never try to sell you on anything – you’ll never find us pushing something that’s outside your budget or simply not a good fit. The reverse is also true: if you fall in love with an item that’s not within your budget, we’ll work with you to incorporate your existing belongings into the new design and to plan for additional purchases over time. Our client-centered approach works. So well, in fact, that it’s resulted in client relationships that have lasted for years.

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