This is the best design firm I have ever used. They have the "A" team ... creative, meticulous, passionate, customer obsessive, knowledgeable, connected, friendly, a word...perfect. I am buying a home they staged. My wife and I liked it better than the model home next door (not done by Rosichelli Design). Their ability to professionally design the interior furniture, artwork, etc was masterful. It made the house. Quite frankly, it sold the house.

“Rosichelli Design completely fits the bill...”

Our homes are unique, custom and distinctive and I have searched far and wide to find just the 'right' company to properly capture our vision of timeless design, refined taste level and whimsey. Rosichelli Design completely fits the bill! Rosichelli Design is simply the best in creating a true lifestyle compliment to the homes we build, artfully blending contemporary, antique, collectibles, fine art and sometimes quirky 'found' objects with ultimate skill! Jon has assembled a team of talented individuals who are also really nice folks! Complete strangers send email raving about the beautiful room staging. Prospective buyers upon entering our homes have been heard to exclaim, 'this is SO totally me!' Fantastic sales results follow! Thank you Rosichelli Design!

The Cottage Company