At its core, home staging is a branded sales approach. By staging your property, you invite potential buyers to imagine the lifestyle they could lead if they purchased your home.

Whether they recognize it or not, what most people strive for (and resonate with) is originality. With home staging, that means creating spaces that feel individual, aspirational, and like nothing they’ve seen before. That’s why each of our designs is uniquely tailored for the target buyer and speaks to the character of the property we’re staging.

At the outset of a project, our lead designers assess your property to envision who will be living there and how they would use the space. Drawing from the thousands of items in our new 15,000 foot warehouse, we select the perfect pieces to tell a visual story in your home. Our signature is elevated style characterized by clean lines and a subtle palette embellished with pops of color, tied together by unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. (Think: a 14-foot Coca-Cola sign, a two-hundred-year-old Chinese apothecary cabinet, an original work of art, or pillows fashioned from vintage Japanese street vendor aprons.)

In a crowded marketplace, our designs stand out – and so will your property. Ready to begin?